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Aromatic 89 are exclusively handmade scented candles with perfumes and natural palm oil. The light of these candles create elegant, pure scented breeze. Each candle has unique crystal-like cover which makes them a perfect home decor.

Top notes: sometimes referred to as headnotes, are the scents you detect first after spraying a perfume. These play a role in setting first impressions and shaping a fragrance’s story which usually evaporate quickly.

Heart notes: Usually last longer than top notes. Their function is to retain some of the top notes aroma while introducing new scents. Heart notes appear as the top notes start to fade and they remain evident.

Base notes: Since they form the perfume’s foundation, base notes are rich, heavy and long-lasting. They kick in after about 30 minutes while top and heart notes create the fragrance’s scent.

Scented candles

  • Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple & pineapple

    Heart note: rose & jasmine

    Base note: oakmoss, musk, amber & vanilla

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