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The General Terms of Service ("GTC") are contained by GRAJNAI Kft. (headquarters: .1117 Budapest, Nádorliget utca 7. C. building, 4th floor 401._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_tax number: 27951284243), as a service provider ("Service Provider"), the general terms and conditions for the use of the web store. Please use our services only if you agree with all its points and consider them binding on you. This document will not be filed, it will only be concluded in electronic form (it is not considered a written contract), and it does not refer to a code of conduct.


Name of the service provider: GRAJNAI Kereskedelmi Kft.

The registered office of the service provider: 1117 Budapest, Nádorliget utca 7. Building C. 4th floor 401.

The service provider's contact information is for users

for contact, regularly used

email address:

Company registration number: 01 09 358673

Tax number: 27951284243

Language of the contract: Hungarian

Data of the hosting provider:

Acceptance of the general terms and conditions

1. During the purchase, the user, if he wishes to use the services of the Webstore, is obliged to accept the terms of these General Terms and Conditions, which he can do by selecting the check box on the form. In case of acceptance of the terms of the General Terms and Conditions, a contract according to these General Terms and Conditions is created between the Service Provider and the user of the Online Store.
2. If the user does not accept the terms of the General Terms and Conditions, he/she may not use the services of the Web Store. You can't even send an order.

By making a purchase on the Website, the User declares that he has read the terms of these Terms and Conditions. 
Purchases on the Website are possible by placing an order electronically, as specified in these General Terms and Conditions.
The Service Provider shall not be held liable for any damage or errors resulting from the User changing the data provided at the time of purchase.


1. Selection of products
2. Compilation of the order
3. Data reconciliation
4. Sending the order
5. Confirmation of the order


1. If the user places an order on the Web Store pages and the service provider confirms the order by e-mail, a sales contract is created between the customer (user) and the service provider. (If the customer does not receive the e-mail confirming the arrival of the order within 48 hours - provided that the user has entered a correct and real e-mail address - then the customer is exempt from the obligation to make the offer and is not obliged to buy the ordered product , to use the service.)
2. The user accepts that the contract concluded in this way is considered concluded in writing and is governed by Hungarian law. The provisions of these GTC apply to the contract.
3. The contract is drawn up in Hungarian and is automatically stored by the Webstore in electronic form. It is accessible to the user after logging in to the Webstore. You can read, save or print its contents.


The prices displayed on the website are in forints and include general sales tax (VAT) and packaging costs, but do not include the delivery fee.
However, we reserve the right to change the prices on the website or to interrupt the service at any time without prior notice. The Service Provider shall not be liable to you or any third party for any changes, price changes or termination or suspension of the service. By placing the order, the product price indicated on the website is accepted, unless there is a payment error.


The Service Provider can deliver the ordered products to a specific address per order. In the case of multiple delivery addresses, a separate order must be placed for each delivery address.

The Service Provider makes deliveries in Budapest and its catchment area. For delivery to other areas of Hungary, we ask the customer to contact the Service Provider!
  The Service Provider reserves the right to change the delivery date and the pre-calculated delivery time. In addition, the Service Provider reserves the right to limit the delivery of certain products by area (e.g. undertaking delivery only in Budapest) and time.
 The Service Provider guarantees all orders during the delivery time until they are delivered to the delivery address you specified.

Estimated delivery times are for information purposes only and are calculated from the time of mailing or delivery to the courier.

When receiving the ordered product, the user is obliged to check whether the product is undamaged. If you experience damage to the packaging or the product, you can request a report from the courier, because upon receiving the product from the courier and signing the document confirming receipt, the quantity and quality of the product will be accepted, which means that after receipt, the user can only exercise the right of withdrawal , therefore, after the departure of the person carrying out the delivery, the Service Provider is unable to accept subsequent quantity and quality complaints.

If the packaging or the product is visibly damaged at the time of receipt and the damage occurred before the receipt of the goods, the Service Provider ensures the return or exchange of the product free of charge. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage detected after receipt.

We deliver our flower deliveries in Budapest under the following conditions to your home or to the indicated address (we do not deliver to PO boxes).
Delivery fee: HUF 2,800 gross in Budapest (i.e. two thousand eight hundred forints).
Date of delivery:
During the regular opening hours of the GRAJNAI üzlet (address: 1117 Budapest, Bíró László József krt. 1.).
We can only provide same-day delivery for orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on the given day, or by 2:00 p.m. in the case of non-standard opening hours.


A honlapon CIB Bank online fizetési rendszerén keresztül történő bankkártyás fizetés lehetséges. A bankkártya adatok a Szolgáltatóhoz nem jutnak el._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Our online store offers its customers a secure bank card payment solution provided by CIB Bank. Security is based on the separation of data. The Online Store receives order-related information from the customer, and CIB Bank receives only the card data required for the payment transaction on the payment page with 256-bit TLS encryption. The Web Store is not informed of the data content of the payment page, only CIB Bank can access it. After payment, you will be informed about the result of the transaction on the website of the Webstore. To pay by card, your internet browser must support TLS encryption.

The consideration for the purchased goods/services, the amount paid, is immediately blocked on your card account. Please read our detailed information!

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

Welcome to our online store with CIB Bank's secure online payment solution!

Below is a brief description of how you can make your purchase securely.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

  • Read the description of our online store, the conditions of purchase and the terms of delivery and payment!

  • Study the security terms of the Webstore, as they guarantee the security of your data!

  • Keep a record of your purchase information!

  • Keep a record of your payment transaction data! (transaction identifier, license number)

  • Ensure that your confidential card details are never accessed by an unauthorized person.

  • Use a browser that supports the option required for TLS encryption!


About security

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security accepted encryption method. Our bank has a 256-bit encryption key that protects the communication channel. A company called VeriSign enables CIB Bank to use the 256-bit key, which is used to ensure TLS-based encryption. Currently, this encryption method is used in 90% of the world's electronic commerce. The browser program used by the customer uses TLS to encrypt the cardholder's data before sending it, so that it reaches CIB Bank in coded form and cannot be interpreted by unauthorized persons.

Cards accepted

CIB Bank's online payment system enables the use of Mastercard/Maestro, VISA and VISA Electron cards belonging to the VISA product family (in the case of Electron only if permitted by the issuing bank), as well as payment with a web card suitable for use on the Internet.

Payment steps

  1. You select the goods/services for which you wish to pay by bank card on the Web Store page.

  2. After that, you will be transferred to the secure payment guarantee page of CIB Bank, where you need to fill in your card details to start the payment.

  3. After entering the card data, you can start the transaction by clicking the Payment button

  4. After payment, you will return to the Web Store page, where you will receive a confirmation of the transaction result.

In the case of payment by bank card, after the successful transaction – this means acceptance after checking the validity of the bank card and the coverage – CIB Bank will start debiting the Cardholder's account with the value of the goods or services.


If you are not redirected from the payment page to the Webstore page, the transaction will be considered unsuccessful. If you click on the browser's "Back" or "Refresh" button on the bank's payment page, or closes the browser window before being redirected to the store, the payment is considered unsuccessful.

If you would like to find out more about the result of the transaction, in the event of its failure, the reason and details, please contact your account managing bank.


45/2014 on the right of withdrawal. (II. 26.) Government Decree, and the information on accessory warranty, product warranty and warranty found in its Annex 3 shall govern.

In addition to the above, if the user provides untrue customer data to the service provider, and this becomes known to the service provider before the service is performed, the service provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract, with the return of the consideration already paid by the user to the user within 5 working days.


1. Personal notification
The customer can report his guarantee or warranty claim personally to the Service Provider. At that time, the Service Provider's employee will record his objection, in which he will record:
- the customer's name and address,
- the name of the product, purchase price,
- the date of purchase,
- the date of notification of the error, - the description of the error,
- the claim that the buyer wants to validate,
- the method of settling the objection.
If the method of settlement of the objection differs from the customer's request, the reasons for this are recorded in the minutes.
A copy of the protocol will be handed over to the customer.

2. Notification in writing
The customer can report his warranty or guarantee claim by letter sent to the Service Provider (Service Provider address) or by electronic mail (
In that case, the letter must contain: - the customer's name and address,
- the name of the product, purchase price,
- the date of purchase,
- the date of notification of the error,
- description of the error,
- the customer's claim.

The User may assert consumer objections related to the product or the activities of the service provider at the contact details specified in point 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.
The Service Provider will remedy the verbal complaint as soon as possible. If it is not possible to remedy the verbal complaint immediately due to the nature of the complaint or if the user does not agree with the handling of the complaint, the Service Provider will record the complaint.
In the event of a verbal complaint made in person, the Service Provider will hand over a copy of the protocol to the User on the spot.
In the case of a complaint communicated by telephone or using other electronic communication services, the Service Provider shall send a copy of the protocol to the user at the latest at the same time as the substantive response.
In all other cases, the service provider acts according to the rules for written complaints.
The Service Provider assigns a unique identifier to a complaint recorded on the phone or using another communication device, which makes it easier to retrieve the complaint later.
The service provider shall respond to the complaint received in writing within 30 days. According to the present General Terms and Conditions, the measure means delivery to the post office.
If the complaint is rejected, the service provider will inform the user of the reason for the rejection.
We would like to inform you that the Service Provider does not have a code of conduct.  

The Consumer can file a complaint with the consumer protection authority:
387/2016 on the appointment of the consumer protection authority. (XII. 2.) According to the government decree, in administrative authority matters, the district office or the district office according to the county seat acts in the first instance, and the Pest County Government Office acts in the second instance with national competence. Contact details of district offices:
In the event of a complaint, the Consumer has the option of contacting a conciliation body, whose contact information can be found here:

The Buyer is entitled to assert his claim arising from a consumer dispute before the court in the framework of a civil procedure.

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